Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Power Outage

Well as most of you reading this probably know, we got to see the remnants of Hurricane Ike right here in Kentucky. Pretty crazy I have to say. Through a series of events, I ended up being in my car with a couple friends through the majority of the storm. We drove all around Louisville, avoiding fallen trees and power lines all the while getting pelted with debris, dust, rocks, leaves, sticks, and of course, wind. They said the winds reached 75mph, which is considered hurricane force. It was hard to keep the car going straight at times....but the Lord was watching out for us and we made it back home in one piece. Once I got home and realized the power was out there wasn't a whole lot to do. I read for a while and then cleaned. I sat outside and watched the neighbors dismantle trees from their roofs (luckily I have no major trees in my yard, although I did lose half of the only tree I do have). I sat on my front porch and read some more. And it kind of hit me.....how simple life can actually be. That all the technology we have, while great and helpful, has caused us all to be so reclusive. Everyone stays in their houses and watches TV or sit in front of the computer or kids play video games or listen to iPods. But Sunday as I looked around at the view from my front porch, I just had to stop and sort of take it all in and realize how a power outage can actually be a time to renew and return to old roots. There were actually kids outside playing, neighbors were conversing with one another, and even helping each other out. I had to use a broom instead of my vacuum cleaner - what a concept! :) It made me remember how much I actually like manual labor. Everything just seemed different all of a sudden, more simple. I felt a little pressure lift off my shoulders. Because without electricity its hard to feel burdened with projects that need to be finished. Without lights to see by, it's hard to make myself feel bad because I didn't get a million things done in one night. They aren't sure exactly when the power will be fully restored to everyone. There are still about 200,000 people without it. The list in the paper says that Hospitals, Fire and Police Stations, People with medical needs, 50 of the 154 schools in town, industrial and commercial businesses (with critical needs) will all be in line in front of residential homes and businesses in getting their power turned back on. They say it could be 10-14 days before it's completely restored. So, I may be singing a different tune after 2 weeks with no electricity, but right now I'm trying to remember that life can and still does go on even when the lights go out! I pray that God would show me what I have taken for granted through this and that I might have a better appreciation for those things. Here's my parents the other night while we played cards by candle light on their deck. Here's one of the moon.....without the glow of city lights, the moon was really bright!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tiny Houses

I came across these "Tiny Houses" on a web search a while back and the concept is really interesting to me. These people live in homes that are sometimes less than 100 square feet. I'm not sure why the idea has grabbed my attention so much, but I just thought I'd share some photos. You can find lots more information about these types of homes here. Or you can go here to view video tour of one of the homes. Here's a couple photos: Being the pack rat that I tend to be, I don't know that I could live in such a small space, but lately with the way I've been purging unneeded items from my house, I might be able to fit into one of these evetually! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Disappointed...but not Discouraged

I had an Open House yesterday in hopes that the perfect person would stop in and see my little house and decide it was exactly what they wanted. Well....that didn't happen. As a matter of fact, not one single person came to the Open House. I know, bummer - I had made my famous cookies and everything! (Although my mom and grandma came over for a bit and enjoyed them) But I refuse to be discouraged by this because I know that my God is bigger than my circumstances and that my house will sell in His timing and not mine. Because rarely is my time table on the same schedule as His. So instead, I'll just keep relying on Him, keep saying that I know He knows best and that He will provide when the time is right. For all I know He could be preparing something for me that is just not quite ready yet. Or there could be something He wants me to follow Him into, but it's just not time yet. Or he could be sparing me from an awful buyer that would try to con me or something! :) Or He could be using this to teach me something greater. The Lord is always working behind the scenes so I will not be discouraged by this. He has lead me this far into the selling process and I know that He will continue. Part of following Him is doing it even when I don't know what the outcome is. And I do get frustrated at times with this....because I just want to say "okay, God - enough!" But then I remember how closely He draws me near when I blindly follow and really trust Him to come through. And I do want to really trust Him. So I have to show Him that I do through saying again...."It is Well." No matter when I get frustrated or impatient or am ready for things to be different....He knows where I am and where I need to go and so I say...It is Well....no matter what.